WOW Podcasts

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All Podcasts must be currently active and or have posted content WOW related within the past month. Podcasts can cover others games, but at-least 50% must be WOW related to make it onto the directory and to stay there.
  • 30 Minute Cooldown
    • “30 Minute Cooldown is a World of Warcraft podcast featuring Eric and Katie who’ve been playing since Vanilla.”
  • All Pets Allowed
    • “Companion & battle pet talk for collectors, battlers, brawlers and dabblers in World of Warcraft.”
  • All Things Azeroth 
    •  “Your World of Warcraft Podcast” hosted by Medros, Lady Emma, and Phandeth.
  • Alternative Chat
    • A WOW Podcast created by Alternative Chat
  • Azeroth in 5
    • A WOW News Podcast by Alternative chat delivered in 5 minutes.
  • Azeroth Pirate Radio
    • “A World of Warcraft focused podcast dealing with how to maximize the time and value you get out of World of Warcraft when you have to balance it around kids, spouses, work and real life.  Hosted by 2 dads at differing stages of parenthood who are avid gamers.”
  • Azeroth Roundtable
    • WOW News and Discussion by Ben and John
  • Battle Pets
    • “Join them in their adventure of battling through Azeroth with our armies of formerly non-combat pets!”
  • Battle Talk
  • Behind the Avatar
    • “The podcast about getting to know the people behind the characters they play.”
  • Bind on Equip
    • “We are a wow podcast, where we talk about us as wow players and how we play the game.”
  • bisnation
    • “This show focuses much more on World of Warcraft PvP. From in-depth to strategy to general WoW tips and tricks.”
  • Bitter N Salty
    • A World of Warcraft Podcast – Gold Making, Raiding, Leveling, News, and Fun
  • Blizzcon Countdown
    • “Your Guide to a Successful Blizzcon”
  • Blizzpro Weekly
    • A WOW & Blizzard podcast hosted by Chris “The Beard” Arnone
  • Blizzard Watch
  • The Blue Recluse
    • “Welcome to The Blue Recluse podcast where every week Marty, Thom and guests will have a light hearted general discussion about the wealth of games that Blizzard has to offer. This includes: World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft 2.”
  • Chaos Portal
    • “This show is a round table discussion of a random set of topics pulled from all forms of forums/blogs/news/and social media outlets for our listener’s pleasure!”
  • The Converted
    • A WOW Podcast based around the guild Convert To Raid.
  • Convert to Raid
    • “Welcome home, raiders!  Join Zhug, Dairies and Koltrane each week for your latest WoW fix on Convert to Raid, the award winning weekly podcast for raiders in World of Warcraft.  This is your home to the latest news and views, boss strategies, player guides and discussion, and really bad jokes.  If it’s in the end game, it’s on Convert to Raid!”
  • Corpse Run Radio
    • “Join Us for a WOW Podcast featuring various entertaining segments, information, and Warcraft music.”
  • Ctrl Alt WoW
    • “For people who love World of Warcraft and love making lots of alts. -Published Weekly”
  • Dalaran Academy
    • “A WOW Podcast with Inquisitor Aura and Serephita. From the latest patch Notes to tips on what to do and where to go, they have you covered.”
  • Dalaran Brilliance 
  • Darkmoon Herald
    • “Covering the crazy circus that is Warcraft”
  • The Edge
    • A Blizzpro podcast covering Blizzard games and WOW hosted  by Matticus.
  • Failcapped
  • Final Boss
    • “A WOW End Game Raiding Show!”
  • The Filthy Casuals 
    • The Filthy Casuals is a round table discussion about our adventures in the World of Warcraft, things we like and dislike, ideas we have on where the game is expanding as well as what we would change.
  • Flex Mode
  • FrozeNerdz
    • “Frozen Nerdz is a discussion podcast, covering a gambit of Blizzard Entertainment discussion, Steam Gaming, and anything else that falls in between or outside those two glaciers”
  • Geeks of Azeroth
    • “Tarley, Zul, and Britzza get together each week to talk about the lates news and events going in the World of Warcraft.”
  • Girls Gone WoW
    • Girls Gone WoW is a podcast aimed mostly towards female wow-players, thought we love our male listeners just as much!
  • Gnome’s Eye View
    • Gnome’s Eye View is a bi-weekly podcast about the shorter side of the World of Warcraft. We aim to be a 30 minute show that brings a different perspective than the typical news show.
  • The Gold Exchange
    • “A WOW Gold Making Podcast”
  • Group Quest
    • “Bringing both factions together to talk about WOW”
  • Hearthcast
    • It’s about World of Warcraft. With your hosts, Rewt and Freckleface. We are casual players and talk about WoW, Real Life, and all points in between. Our show is filled with tips, tricks, and lots of tid-bits. All of which we hope you find useful as a player of the World of Warcraft.
  • Horde For Life
    • A World of Warcraft Podcast and Guild.
  • Hunting Party Podcast
    • The Hunting Party Podcast is a weekly podcast about hunters hosted by Euripides, Darkbrew, and Frostheim
  • The Instance
    • “The Podcast for lover’s of World of Warcraft.”
  • Journal of Marcus TY
  • Kinda A big Thing Gaming Podcast
  • KurnCast
    • “A World Of Warcraft Podcast”
  • Late Night with Stede
    • “WOW Gold making Blog and Podcast”
  • Leetsauced
    • “A podcast with two co-hosts and one guest. We talk about our week in the World of Warcraft, a couple of discussion topics and an off the wall interview with our guest, while having a few beverages in the process”
  • Let’s WoW Podcast
    • “Reformatting their show and plan to be back.”
  • Looking for Roleplay
    • “Join Turwinkle the Gnome Mage, Tarcanus Frostbourne (Purveyor of Pink Cakes and Portals), and Lyrinel Morningflame as they dive into the adventures of role play and discuss anything and everything related to role play itself.”
  • The Lorecraft Podcast
  • Lorewalker’s Roundtable
    • “The podcast for Lore and Roleplay in the World of Warcraft”
  • The Meeting Stone
    • “A World of Warcraft Podcast”
  • Middle Finger Podcast
    • “The Middle Finger Podcast is a podcast about mainly World of Warcraft and anything else on our minds.  Your hosts are Bill, Joe, Amy, Richard and Will.”
  • Monkcraft
    • “Monkcraft Podcast is a World of Warcraft podcasting curtailed to anything that the high end PvE raiding monk may want to know.”
  • Monk Meditation
    • A World Of Warcraft Podcast about Monks
  • My Epic Heals
    • “The Podcast for All Things Healing in the World of Warcraft”
  • The Nexy Show
    • “A World Of Warcraft & MMO Variety show that spotlights gaming parody’s, gaming news, and shares feedback from the gaming community!”
  • A Paladin’s Tale
    • The podcast looks at an Irish World of Warcraft player’s experience in Blizzard’s genre leading MMO from the perspect of a former-hardcore-raider-turned-casual player. The podcast focuses around a chosen weekly central discussion topic to do with the World of Warcraft.
  • Patch Notes (Showtime)
    • A World of Warcraft Podcast covering recent Patch Notes.
  • PWNcast
    • “A World Of Warcraft Podcast for the players BY the players. We bring you in depth Casual Gaming, Hardcore Raiding, PVP, Patch Updates and Our Race and Class Perspective. Of course we also throw in some smack talk and a healthy Alliance/Horde Rivalry to keep you wondering…what side should I choose?”
  • The Rebellion Podcast
  • “Realm Maintenance  “Realm Maintenance is a weekly podcast and blog focused on podcasts for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games.”
  • Saturday Morning WOW

Not yet released

  • Sheep Moon
    • “A World of Warcraft show that holds a cynical view of the Warcraft game and community of today. “
  • The Starting Zone
    • “THE STARTING ZONE is the World of Warcraft podcast for both New players and veterans of the game. “
  • Stopcast
    • A World Of Warcraft Podcast.
  • Stormchasers of Azeroth
    • “This is the irreverent podcast about all things Blizzard: World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, and more!  We put the ‘Mo in MMO.”
  • The Sundering
    • “Two Guys , One Girl talk about World of Warcraft, Gaming and allot of BS.”
  • Tauren Think Tank
    • “The World of Warcraft podcast for YOU, the World of Warcraft player.”
  • Team Waffle Podcast
    • “A podcast for druids, by druids.”
  • The Training Dummies
    • “The Training Dummies are a group of friends with a variety of experience that are going to answer your questions and speak about topics on helping you be a better player whether you’re flying solo, trying to get into 5 man dungeons, or working out how to prepare for raiding.”
  • Troll in the Dungeon
    • “Your community driven source for all things World of Warcraft!”
  • Twisted Nether Blogcast
    • “Twisted Nether is a Blog and Podcast dedicated to bringing you the best the WoW Internether has to offer! Our concentration is on WoW blogs, the bloggers who write them and blogging in general. We will also cover general WoW news and views.”
  • Vote2Kick
    • “An adult gaming podcast with a dominant Blizzard news skew.”
  • Warcraft Diaries
    • “A collection of short form audios all about the World of Warcraft. Submitted by listeners.”
  • Warcraft Less Traveled
    • ” A Podcast dedicated to the exploration and discovery in The World of Warcraft.”
  • Warcraft Lounge
    • “One is Hardcore, the other is Casual: This is our World of Warcraft Podcast”
  • Warcraft Off the Record
    • “A Wild Time in Azeroth!”
  • Warcraft Trolls
    • A World of Warcraft Podcast
  • Warcraft Well Read
    • A World of Warcraft Book Club
  • WoWhead Weekly
    • “Wowhead Weekly is a World of Warcraft podcast with Wowhead Site Manager Perculia and Olivia, where they discuss all things Warlords of Draenor, Wowhead, and more!”
  • World of Relcraft
  • World of Warcast
    • “World Of Warcast is a podcast dedicated to teaching listeners about how to play World Of Warcraft better.”
  • The WoW Insider Show
    • “Every week, the WoW Insider Show brings you news and views from the World of Warcraft and the site that covers it all, WoW Insider.”
  • WoW Alt Podcast
    • “WoW is not all about maxing out your one and only character. Some of us enjoy the process of leveling and gearing new toons, and switching around. I like to think of it as eating different food every day…”
  • wowcohol
    • “A World of Warcraft Podcast”
  • WoW Factor
    • “The podcast for World of Warcraft ( and a little Hearthstone, too!)”
  • WoW Geekly
    • ” A World of Warcraft Podcast with a streak of Geek!”
  • Your WoW Money
    • Your home to learn to make gold in the World of Warcraft
  • World Of Zeez
    • A World of Warcraft Podcast

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